About Alyanna's Nook

Alyanna's Nook is your go-to place for your favorite DIY crafts and toys. Since 2016, we have become the newest favorite of hobbyists, toy collectors, and character fanatics.


Alyanna's Nook is the second baby of the husband-and-wife team of Alvin and Lani Lagar. Named after their firstborn, Alyanna, the business was initially an idea which stemmed out of necessity and a restless desire to become productive.

When Alyanna was born, Lani focus on her motherhood duties, while her husband took on the responsibility of managing a store. However, when their daughter turned three years old, Lani was concerned not only about their mounting household expenses, but she was also getting frustrated with her mundane everyday routine. She thought of a business that would help them, without taking up too much of her time for Alyanna. One day, Lani was watching her daughter playing when an idea popped in her head: she could use her background in Computer Engineering and the growing online selling industry, research on brands, characters, and other toys that are hard to find in the Philippines, find suppliers, and sell online.

Thus, Alyanna's Nook was born in November 2016.


The challenges of putting up a business did not faze Alvin and Lani from growing their business. Trial and error ensued, in terms of setting up their permits, dealing with better suppliers, and handling customers. Soon, customers came flocking in. The business grew, as attested by the thousands of followers in its social media pages, as well as its growing number of orders. 

Their initial product-- the DIY frames and miniatures-- remain their bestseller to date. Alyanna's Nook has grown to distribute for international brands such as Gund toys and collectibles, Smart Labs, Mother Garden, and most especially, Disney. They have begun shipping not only within Metro Manila, but within the Philippines as well.


Alyanna's Nook aims to reintroduce the concept of playtime to the kids of today. Due to the parents' busy schedules and for convenience, children are usually given a tablet or a smart phone to watch a clip or listen to music. While these devices surely stimulate children and help parents take some time off to do other important tasks, relying on this tactic has been scientifically proven to be addictive. Worse, it stunts a child's mental faculties. This may limit their perception and creative thinking abilities, which is crucial as they grow. Hence, AN commits itself to toys that are safe, durable, and provide room for children to use their imagination, thereby helping parents develop wholistic, creative, and smarter kids.