Artkal 2000 Beads in 3D Pattern

  • ₱725.00

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Everybody, young and old, have been through a 3D puzzle or toy, but have you been through an Artkal 3D fuse beads kit? Come! The experience for Artkal 3D will bring you to a whole new level of interesting puzzles.


● 3D fuse beads kit, a new type of experience for Artkal 3D, and a whole new level of interesting puzzles.

● Breaks the limitations to 2D artwork with 3D beads.

● 3D fuse beads kit includes 1200-2000 beads, Pegboard, ironing paper, tweezer and pattern instruction.

● 5mm midi fuse beads are suitable for 5 year-olds and up.

● Artkal Beads are manufactured using Food Grade Plastic EVA material, ensuring the safety and health of your family.