Artkal 5 Pieces Big Ironing Paper Set

Artkal 5 Pieces Big Ironing Paper Set

  • ₱155.00

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Ironing is an important step to finishing an artwork. Bad ironing would undo all prior efforts. Artkal’s half-transparent ironing paper allows you to make sure the beads are fusing smoothly in the process. Sleek-surfaced ironing papers are easy to tear out after the process is complete, protecting your artwork from any flaw.


Thin ironing paper with great heat conduction, helps the beads to fuse quickly.

Half-transparent ironing paper helps to observe the ironing process.

The characteristic of being sleek-surfaced protects the artwork from any possible flaw.

The durable and hard-to-tear ironing paper can be used multiple times before replacement.

The ironing process requires adults to assist and monitor, and should NOT be completed by children alone.