Artkal Aqueous Beads

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Aqueous beads

Another activity kit for the little ones.   Imagine a day without gadget as they are completely engrossed by this kind of activity.   The only limit is your child's imagination.


How to play:

1. Create a design on the pegboard.

2. Spray some water

3. Wait for it to dry

Finished !!!

An activity they can do from start to finish as you don't have to iron the beads to fuse together.



1. When your finish project disassembled, just spray water again and wait for it to dry

2. When it came dented, put a heavy object on top of it, wait for some time and it will come straight again



This kit comes with free:

2 packs of beads

8 metal key rings

3 plastic key rings

6 charm chain

1 ball chain

3 rings


Grab yours now and enjoy creating :-)