Artkal Fuse Beads 5 mm UV (4 Colors)

  • ₱210.00

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These type of Artkal Fuse Beads Changes it's color when exposed to UV Light. And will turn white again when it colls down.   Amazing !!!


Artkal Beads provides more than 130 shades of color at your disposal, enabling you to finish that artwork project without having to pause, or compromise on the color scheme. Finish your masterpiece in one go. Come to Artkal Beads to pick your colors.


•Midi Artkal Beads S-5mm series are suitable for 5 year-olds and up.

•With more than 130 shades of color, Artkal Beads enthusiasts will never worry about missing a color

. •Single color bag pack refills helps you with organizing and stocking your color beads.

•S-5mm Artkal Midi Beads are manufactured using PE material, ensuring the safety and health of your family.

•Colorful Artkal Beads helps your child learn color recognition and counting.