Artkal Maxi Beads 10 mm

  • ₱549.00

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Get an Artkal Set Fuse Beads and have a fun challenge with your kids to organize the colors! The wide array of colors in the Kits would spark children’s interest, while enhancing their brain power and creativity.

Features: Artkal Kits midi plastic iron beads include a wide array of colors that would spark children’s interest and enhance their passion for creativity. Separating and organizing the colors allows children to differentiate colors/shapes, and enhance their skills on counting and concentration.

Artkal Beads are manufactured using Food Grade Plastic EVA material, ensuring the safety and health of your family.

Suitable for 4 year-olds and up.

Contains: 250 beads, 1pc pegboard, 1pc pattern, 1pc ironing paper, 1 pair stander and instruction.

Material: Non-toxic food grade EVA Beads Size: 10mm