Barbie Mythical Muse Dragon Empress Doll

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Barbie Mythical Muse Dragon Empress Doll

Manufacturer Description

Behold the third and final doll from The Barbie Mythical Muse Series.

Barbie Mythical Muse Dragon Empress Doll sure to enchant.

A bold, statuesque beauty with a dramatic wingspan. She wears a scale-detailed bodice in metallic mint-green and pink ombre. Beneath it is a glittered, scale-printed skirt with a slit that reveals her pearlescent, heroic heels. Her headpiece, in matching pastel ombre hues, crowns her cascading fantastical hair. A dragon-inspired cuff coils her arm, completing the look. Poised to take a flight to a distant land, Barbie Mythical Muse Dragon Empress Doll makes the perfect gift for collectors and fantasy lovers. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Gold Label Collection. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Label: Gold Label®
Designer: Caroline DeMersseman
Release Date: 2/13/2020
Body Type: Model Muse
Facial sculpt: Louboutin Sculpt
Eyelashes: Painted
Fashion: scale-detailed bodice and skirt
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Doll Stand: Yes
Included With Wings, headpiece, wings, bracelet, skirt, bodice, shoes, doll stand
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 16" x 4" x 10"

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