Brother PTouch AC Power Adaptor AD24ES

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Brother PTouch AC Power Adaptor AD24ES

Batteries no more!!!

If you prefer to use an adaptor to power your PTouch labeler rather than batteries, this is the adaptor that you will need.

Brother PTouch AC Power Adaptor AD24ES has an INPUT voltage of 100-240V 50/60Hz, 0.6A, OUTPUT voltage of  9V-2A. A two-prong device and 4.9-foot long power cord.

Note: This adaptor replaces older AD30 and AD60 power adaptors but it is not compatible with all P-touch models.

If your PTouch labeler is among the following product numbers, you can use this adaptor:

GL-100, PT-1010B, PT-1010NB, PT-1010R, PT-1010S, PT-1090, PT-1090BK, PT-1100, PT-1120, PT-1130, PT-1160, PT-1170, PT-1180, PT-1190, PT-1230PC, PT-1280, PT-1280SR, PT-1280TG, PT-128AF, PT-1290, PT-1290RS, PT-1290SBVP, PT-1400, PT-1750SC, PT-1830C, PT-1830SC, PT-1880C, PT-1880SC, PT-1880W, PT-1890C, PT-1890SC, PT-1890W, PT-2030, PT-2030AD, PT-2030VP, PT-2100, PT-2700, PT-2710, PT-2730, PT-2730VP, PT-6100, PT-7100, PT-D200, PT-D200BT, PT-D200DA, PT-D200MA, PT-D200SA, PT-D210, PT-D210BK, PT-E100, PT-H110