BTS Dynamite Jungkook Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #224

BTS Dynamite Jungkook Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #224

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BTS Dynamite Jungkook Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #224


Bring the magic of BTS to your collection with the Dynamite Jungkook Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure. Inspired by the global sensation's hit single "Dynamite," this collectible figure captures Jungkook in a charismatic pose, reflecting the energy and charm that BTS is renowned for. Whether you're a devoted member of the BTS ARMY or a Funko enthusiast, this figure is a must-have addition to your display.


  1. BTS Dynamite Collection: Part of the exclusive Dynamite series, this Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure features Jungkook, one of the talented members of BTS, capturing the essence of the popular song.

  2. Dynamic Pose: Jungkook is showcased in a captivating and dynamic pose, mirroring the enthusiasm and style of BTS's performances. The intricate details make the figure stand out.

  3. Standard Funko Size: Standing at the standard Funko Pop! Vinyl size, this figure is easy to display on your desk, shelf, or alongside your growing collection of BTS memorabilia.

  4. Officially Licensed: This Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is officially licensed, ensuring that you're acquiring an authentic BTS collectible for your ensemble.

  5. Perfect Gift: Whether for a fellow BTS enthusiast or yourself, this Jungkook Funko Pop! Figure makes for an excellent gift for birthdays, celebrations, or as a delightful surprise.

  6. Collectible Keepsake: As BTS continues to make waves in the music industry, this figure serves as a collectible keepsake, marking a significant era in their illustrious career.

Secure your Dynamite Jungkook Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure today to complete your BTS collection!