PopSockets PopTop Ginger

  • ₱645.00

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PopSockets PopTop Ginger

Enhance your phone's functionality and style with the PopSockets PopTop Ginger. This versatile accessory features a striking ginger-inspired design that not only adds flair to your device but also provides practical benefits.


  • Unique Ginger Design: The PopTop Ginger showcases an eye-catching ginger-themed pattern that stands out and adds character to your phone.

  • Secure Grip: PopSockets PopTops offer a secure and comfortable grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops.

  • Swappable Top: The PopTop is swappable, allowing you to switch it out with other PopTops (sold separately) to match your style or mood.

  • Wireless Charging Compatibility: You can charge your phone wirelessly with the PopTop attached.

  • Convenient Stand: Use the PopTop as a convenient stand for hands-free activities like watching videos or video calls.

  • Pairs with PopSockets Grips: The PopTop can be used in conjunction with a PopSockets Grip (sold separately) for added functionality.

Elevate your phone's appearance and usability with the PopSockets PopTop Ginger. Please note that additional PopTop swappables are available and sold separately.