Coraline Family Portrait Fleece Blanket 45x60 in - Surreal Entertainment

Coraline Family Portrait Fleece Blanket 45x60 in - Surreal Entertainment

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Coraline Family Portrait Fleece Blanket 45x60 in

Elevate your comfort and showcase your love for the enchanting world of Coraline with the Coraline Family Portrait Fleece Blanket. This officially licensed throw blanket is a perfect blend of style and coziness, designed for both staycations and movie nights.


  • Combine Style & Comfort: Immerse yourself in the world of  Coraline throw blanket. Its design, approved by the Other Mother, invites you to indulge in cozy snuggles.

  • Other Worldly Design: Inspired by Laika's mesmerizing stop-motion film, the fleece throw blanket features Coraline Jones, the adventurous 11-year-old, Other Mother and Other Father on the Other World.

  • Quality & Comfort: Crafted from 100% soft polyester, this Coraline throw blanket ensures protection from Other Mother's snuggle attacks. The generous size of 45 x 60 inches provides ample coverage for warmth and comfort.

  • Family Portrait: Beyond its functionality, this fleece blanket serves as a stylish addition to your space. The soft lining enhances warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy your favorite Coraline moments.

  • Cozy Room Essentials: Step into any pocket dimension with this officially licensed Coraline throw blanket. It's a collectible piece that transforms any Laika fan's space, offering an other-worldly upgrade without the need for button eyes.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Coraline with this fleece throw blanket – the perfect companion for chilly nights and magical adventures. No button eyes required!