Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll – 11 1/2''

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Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll – 11 1/2''

Description: Introducing the Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll, a captivating addition to the Disney Princess collection! This enchanting doll brings the elegance and grace of Princess Aurora to life as she twirls into the magical world of ballet. Standing at 11 1/2 inches tall, this doll perfectly captures Aurora's beauty and charm in her ballet attire.

Product Features:

  1. Enchanting Character: Immerse yourself in the fairy tale world with the Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll. Inspired by the classic Disney Princess, Aurora, this doll embodies her timeless beauty and poise, making her a perfect addition to any Disney enthusiast's collection.
  2. Ballet-Inspired Outfit: Dressed in a stunning ballet costume, Aurora is ready to dance her way into your heart. Her elegant tutu, delicate tiara, and graceful ballet shoes make her look every bit the regal ballerina.
  3. Articulated Design: The Aurora Ballet Doll features articulation in her arms and legs, allowing her to strike graceful ballet poses and perform graceful movements.
  4. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this doll showcases the highest quality craftsmanship and design, staying true to the beloved character from the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Imagination and Play: Let your imagination take flight as you recreate iconic scenes from Sleeping Beauty or create new ballet-themed adventures for Aurora. This doll encourages imaginative play and storytelling.
  6. Ideal Gift: Whether you're a Disney fan, a collector, or looking for a special gift for someone who loves Princess Aurora, the Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll is a magical choice. Cherish the enchanting moments with this beautifully designed doll.

Experience the elegance and magic of Disney's Sleeping Beauty with the Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll. Join Princess Aurora as she pirouettes into your heart, capturing the essence of ballet and the timeless charm of a Disney Princess. With her articulated design and exquisite ballet outfit, this 11 1/2-inch doll is a must-have for any Disney lover. Whether displayed on a collector's shelf or enjoyed in imaginative play, the Disney Store Aurora Ballet Doll is a treasure to be cherished and adored.