GUND Gudetama Donut Collector’s Set 3.5 in Plushie

  • ₱2,545.00

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GUND Gudetama Donut Collector’s Set (3.5 inches) Plushie

Indulge in cuteness with our Gudetama Donut Collector’s Set, a 3.5-inch plushie delight that combines the charm of Gudetama with the sweetness of donuts. This collector's set is a treat for the eyes, featuring adorable Gudetama lounging on delectable donuts.

Irresistible Gudetama on donut designs

  • Perfectly sized for collecting and cuddling
Satisfy your plushie cravings with this adorable collector's set. Elevate your collection with the delightful combination of Gudetama and donuts. Grab yours now and add a sprinkle of sweetness to your space!