GUND Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn Plushie 9.5”

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GUND Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn Plushie 9.5”

Get ready to be whisked away to a world of enchantment with the GUND Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn Plushie! This 9.5-inch plush toy features the whimsical and adorable Pusheenicorn, a delightful blend of Pusheen the Cat and a magical unicorn. With its colorful and mesmerizing design, this plushie is sure to captivate both young and old fans alike. Embark on a journey of imagination and wonder with this charming Pusheenicorn plushie by your side.

Product Features:

Enchanting Design: The Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn showcases a captivating blend of colors and patterns, with swirls of pastel hues that create a magical and mesmerizing appearance.
Pusheenicorn Charm: This plushie combines the beloved Pusheen character with the enchanting charm of a unicorn, creating a delightful and unique companion that will brighten up any day.
Premium Soft Plush Material: Crafted from high-quality, soft plush material, the Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn is designed for cuddles and comfort, making it the perfect snuggle buddy.
Huggable Size: With a height of 9.5 inches, this plushie is just the right size for hugging, cuddling, and taking along on imaginative adventures.
Surface-Washable and Durable: The plushie is surface-washable for easy cleaning, ensuring that the Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn stays as bright and delightful as the day you brought it home.
Collectible Keepsake: The GUND Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn Plushie is a delightful addition to any Pusheen collection or unicorn-themed display. Its unique and magical design makes it stand out in any collection of adorable plushies.
Perfect Gift: This enchanting plushie is an ideal gift for Pusheen fans, unicorn enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a touch of magic in their lives. It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a dash of whimsy.
Let your imagination take flight with the GUND Magic Swirl Pusheenicorn Plushie. Its captivating design and huggable softness make it a delightful companion for both play and comfort. Embrace the magic and charm of the Pusheenicorn and create wonderful memories with this enchanting plushie. Ages 3 and up.