GUND Pusheen Super Pusheenicorn Plushie 6 in

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GUND Pusheen Super Pusheenicorn Plushie 6 in


Behold the magic of the GUND Pusheen Super Pusheenicorn Plushie! This 6-inch plush toy showcases the whimsical fusion of Pusheen the Cat with the majestic allure of a mythical unicorn, creating a truly super and adorable Pusheenicorn. With her vibrant colors and delightful design, Super Pusheenicorn is here to spread joy and enchantment wherever she goes.

Product Features:

  1. Super Pusheenicorn: Pusheenicorn takes her enchantment to new heights as Super Pusheenicorn! Featuring a vibrant pink mane, a shimmering golden horn, and a playful cape with a rainbow design, she's ready to take on any adventure with her super-cute style.
  2. Premium Soft Plush Material: Made from high-quality, soft plush material, Super Pusheenicorn is irresistibly huggable and designed for cuddles and comfort.
  3. Adorable and Compact: At 6 inches tall, this plush toy is the perfect size to accompany you on your daily escapades or add a touch of charm to your living space.
  4. Collectible Keepsake: The GUND Pusheen Super Pusheenicorn Plushie is a delightful addition to any Pusheen collection. Her unique design and super-cute appearance make her a standout piece in any collection of enchanting plushies.
  5. Ideal Gift: Whether for a Pusheen fan, unicorn lover, or anyone who appreciates cuteness and magic, Super Pusheenicorn makes a fantastic gift for all ages.
  6. Soft, Safe, and Surface-Washable: Super Pusheenicorn is crafted from soft and safe materials and is surface-washable, ensuring easy cleaning and long-lasting charm.

Embrace the magic and excitement of the GUND Pusheen Super Pusheenicorn Plushie. Let her super-cute appearance and enchanting design brighten your day and inspire the superhero within. Whether as a cuddly companion or a cherished collectible, Super Pusheenicorn is here to sprinkle joy and magic in your life. Ages 3 and up.