Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 77 Deluxe N.E.S.T. Bumblebee - Exclusive

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Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 77 Deluxe N.E.S.T. Bumblebee - Exclusive


Unleash the thrilling action of the Transformers movie universe with the exclusive Studio Series 77 Deluxe N.E.S.T. Bumblebee figure. Inspired by the iconic character from the Bumblebee film, this deluxe class figure offers an authentic and detailed representation of N.E.S.T. Bumblebee in both robot and licensed Jeep mode, providing fans with the ultimate Transformers experience.


Product Features:

  1. Authentic Design: This N.E.S.T. Bumblebee figure is exquisitely designed and faithfully captures the character's appearance in the Bumblebee film, showcasing the attention to detail that fans have come to expect from the Studio Series line.
  2. Convertible Action: With an impressive 26-step conversion process, this figure easily transforms from robot mode to a licensed Jeep, allowing you to recreate iconic movie scenes and engage in thrilling Transformers battles.
  3. Canyon Attack Scene: The set includes a removable backdrop featuring the Canyon Attack scene, providing an immersive display option to showcase N.E.S.T. Bumblebee in the heat of the action.
  4. N.E.S.T. Jeep Concept: Reimagined as a N.E.S.T. Jeep, Bumblebee collaborates with the Autobots and N.E.S.T. to safeguard the Allspark from the sinister Decepticons, adding an exciting twist to the classic storyline.
  5. Blaster Accessory: Pose the figure in battle-ready stances with the included blaster accessory, enhancing the action and adventure possibilities for creative play.
  6. Mini Sam Witwicky Figure: This figure set includes a mini Sam Witwicky figure, allowing you to recreate movie-inspired scenes and enhance your display with human-Autobot interactions.
  7. Suitable for Ages 8 and Up: Transformers fans of all ages can enjoy this Studio Series 77 Deluxe N.E.S.T. Bumblebee figure, making it an excellent gift option for young and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Unleash the excitement of the Transformers universe with the Studio Series 77 Deluxe N.E.S.T. Bumblebee figure. Join Bumblebee and the Autobots as they team up with N.E.S.T. to protect the Allspark and defend Earth against the relentless Decepticons. Dive into the thrilling world of Transformers and create your movie universe-inspired scenes with this action-packed figure. Ages 8 and up.